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Squish Therapy: Not Just Another Stress Ball

There are many brands of stress balls on the market, but we “Squish Therapy Dough” is unique. Blended with essential oils, Squish Therapy Dough helps invigorate, calm, and focus the mind through scent. Offering several scents that can be used as often as required, our stress ball offer a stimulant that can help you cope during times of change, growth, and recovery.
Everybody has times in their life when they need some extra support; studying for exams, driving test, moving house, career change, job loss, bereavement, but to name a few. Life’s stresses can mount up, and when the juggle gets too much, we experience feelings of anxiety, depression and emotional distress.
Something that really helped our founder, Emma, cope with the feelings of anxiety and depression, was play dough! This brightly coloured pre-schoolers heaven became her strategy toward practicing the art of mindfulness. However, not the most appropriate thing to whip out at work before an important meeting. She decided to create her own version of a Stress Ball, adding her own touch by infusing the mixture with essential oils, echoed by the muted tones and attractive packaging.
Some of our Favourites Include:
  1. Restore: Eucalyptus & Mint
 Squish Therapy: Not just your average Stress Ball 
Restore Squish Therapy Dough will help you focus on tasks as it can clear your mind and rebalance your thoughts.
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  1. Sunburst: Sweet Orange, Tangerine & Mandarin
 Squish Therapy: Not just your average Stress Ball
This dough has been specially created with our unique blend of sweet orange, tangerine, and mandarin to give each tin a zing.
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  1. Tranquillity: Rosemary, Lemongrass, Spearmint
 Squish Therapy: Not just your average Stress Ball 
This Dough was created to mirror the effect of breathing in fresh sea air to capture a sense of calm.
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NEW! The Squish Smell Training Kit:
 Squish Therapy: Not just your average Stress Ball Squish Therapy Smell Kit
As we are all recovering from the tumultuous few years we have experienced throughout the pandemic, something that has become a lot more common is loss of smell due to Covid-19.
Squish has teamed up with the UK based charity, AbScent- a UK registered charity supporting people who are experiencing the distressing effects of smell loss.
Alongside helping our customers cope with stress, our products also offer support through smell therapy and pain management.
Many of our customers have sought our products after coming across the art of Smell Training. This evidence-based therapy has been studied over the past 12 years. However, never has there been such a demand, on a global scale, for Smell Therapy.
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Squish Therapy Dough can also be used as an effective form of pain management. Stress can make pain worse, as increased cortisol can reduce your body’s ability to cope with long-term pain due to poor physical or mental health, a condition or stressful life event. Sometimes healthcare providers will recommend counselling or medicine as a method of managing that pain, however some patients prefer to opt for a more holistic approach.
Our products can offer a sensory stimulant that distracts from pain and allows your mind to transcend to a more joyous, relaxed state. Be the best version of yourself by moulding, reshaping, and twisting our therapy dough, infused with essential oils, gifting your body a state of balance and repair!