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Squish for Smell Training

Squish is delighted to have teamed up with AbScent – a UK registered charity supporting people who are experiencing the distressing effects of smell loss. 

Smell loss is a condition that is estimated to affect five percent of the population - approximately 3.3m people in the UK. We have seen an increase in the number of people living with smell disorders in the UK due to the Coronavirus pandemic; smell loss is one of the recognised symptoms. Most people with Covid-19 recover their smell within a few weeks, but some are living with smell disorders months after infection.

One therapy demonstrated to support recovery is Smell Training; mindfully sniffing three or more fragrances twice a day. Smell Training is recommended by the British Rhinological Society and effectiveness has been shown in more than a dozen peer-reviewed studies.

Our kit contains three 80g tins, each containing one of our original Squish scents. These have a stronger aroma than our normal tins to really pack a punch.  Not only do you have the benefit of scent training with the essential oils but also the relaxing benefits of mindfulness when playing with the dough.